Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hot yoga

I went to do hot yoga for the second time today. I'm someone who is a big fan of working out and has experience in the regular yoga. I can be confident enough to say my body is very flexible and I am able to manage the basic and the intermediate yoga poses during the class. 

However, hot yoga to me was totally another thing. I needed to force myself to stay engaged and do as much movement as I could during the class. The instructor said that you could suffer the pain for 90 minutes or you would need to suffer the pains for 90 years - you definitely better off suffering for only 90 minutes. And that 90-minute class was really a suffering to me at some point. 

When I came out of the class, I could barely walk on my feet and had to limp painfully. Especially when it was just 30 degrees outside, I felt so bad. Then I came up with a joke for myslef, turned my chin up with an effort, and forced myself to smile a little bit to whatever on the empty street. At that moment, I was surprised to feel it was actually not that bad - it actually felt so great. Just because I felt the pain, I reached the limit of my body and probably broke my limit, too. In addition, I felt that just because I experienced the pains and felt like almost killing myself in the yoga class, I knew I would appreciate the experience of living without any suffering. Simply living a life is a great treasure. 

I will keep going to the hot yoga class and I know by next time I will reach and possible break a new limit of my body and get my body stronger!