Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!! 

In our office, people like to work from home on Fridays, so it is a very quiet environment in the office on Friday. I usually like to go to the office on Fridays because I like to be around people - not a lot - where I get the energy from and effectively function at work. And because it is quiet, the work really can be done very efficiently.

I like to read books about personal finance to make sure I will have a healthy financial future. Even better, I might be able to retire myself young and happily. I was reading the book called "Think and Grow Rich" on the train today. What the book impressed me today was that it said that we needed a plan that we would carry on persistently in order to gain great wealth. And to come up with a plan or an idea, or to reach decisions, we might need facts or information from other people. However, we should acquire the fact and secure the information we need quietly, without disclosing the purpose.

Below is a quote from the book that made my day:

"Tell the world what you intent to do, but first show it." 

Above is a small take away from a book I would like to share. Besides the serious business topic, I got something sweet from a coworker today:

They are Korean red ginseng extract powder tea. My coworker brought them from South Korea. It tasted so good - I wanted to say this was so far the best taste ginseng tea I have ever had! 

Such a nice Friday! Wish everyone a happy weekend!