Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Complicated love

I was so focus at work today. All of a sudden, the girl sitting next to me was so excited to scream my name at a low voice. I wondered why she looked so happy and asked her what happened. She smiled while filling her eyes with all the excitement and told me that a guy who she met before was instant messaging her again....after about 4 months. 

On one hand, I could tell she was interested in that guy from her excitement right after receiving his instant message. On the other hand, she currently is dating someone and has been dating with the same guy for over five years. She once told us that she felt bored of the relationship and did not know if she was willing to get married. I think while she kind of feels guilty to leave his boyfriend, she is not willing to take a risk of leaving someone she got used to being with. 

Love to me is so complicated. I currently have a guy who is kind of playing the game with me. My friends who know him once told me that they could tell he liked me and I actually felt the same way. However, he never got to the point to make the "love story" progress even though I gave him the signal that I was interested. To be even worse, what I see is every night he is constantly on whatsapp texting someone not me. 

I am sort of tired of this kind of games. However, while I know there are tons of play boys out there, I still believe true love and I believe that someday I will find my love. I will still be playing, whether actively or passively. ;) All I know is that I never lose as long as I never choose to quit on the games.


how long do you still want me to wait? I hope you are right there nearby.