Sunday, January 25, 2015

Got A Small Cute Back Bag Within Budget

I usually like to buy fashion designer handbags, not only because of the chic designs, but also because the quality of the bags is better so the bags can be used longer. I was using a Cedar Street Maise handbag by Kate Spade earlier this winter. But because having so much clothing on for the cold weather is already a chore, to carry a bag on only one shoulder is not a pleasant thing to do, especially on a snowy day.

Then I decided to buy a backpack! Because I always want to look fashionable and elegant, I did not want those big and boring school bags. And I really do not have that many things to carry anyway. I was searching on Amazon and prayed that I could find something cute and chic. In addition, I did have a limited budget for the backpack so I did not go for the fashion designers this time. Fortunately, I was so lucky that I found this back bag on Amazon!

The sky blue color is one of my favors. The size is perfect - it is not big, but just fit to hold my iPad Mini. And the material is not bad at all. Most importantly, it is totally within my budget! It is under $20 including shipping. I am blessed that I found such a good deal.

This cute back bag really lights up my winter days on the street!