Sunday, February 22, 2015

5 Ways to Feel Good As Soon As You Want- with the Benefit of Endorphins

Let's admit it. Our spirits go up and down just like the tide. Even though you are a happy person, there are times you feel under the weather. And you do want to cheer yourself up instead of continuously feeling blue and down. But how? The good news is that something in your body can help you feel good as soon as you want.
Some of you may hear something called "endorphin" before. Endorphins are endogenous opioid inhibitory neuropeptides. The principal function of endorphins is to inhibit the transmission of pain signals. They also produce a good feeling of euphorial very similar to that produced by other opioids. Because endorphins are released by the human central nervous system itself, some people call them the natural analgesic. Furthermore, because endorphins could have a similar effect on making people feel excited as drugs do, some people joke around and call it "drug by choice".
Here are 5 ways that can help your body release a large amount of endorphins. 
1. Exercise.

β-Endorphins are released during long, continuous workouts of moderate to high intensity, corresponding to prolonged physical stress. During continuous exercise, when glycogen in the muscle is used up and only oxygen is left, the  pituitary gland will release the β-Endorphins, which eases the pain and also makes people feel happy.
You may have heard "runner's high". Runner's high is led by the β-Endorphins which are released by the body system after a long and continuous run. That is why you feel good and energetic after a long run in the gym or outdoors.
2. Eat Spicy Food.
This one would probably make the spicy food lovers excited. The spicy taste would trigger pain on the tongue. however, on the other hand, the body releases endorphins in order to balance and ease the pain. Some people may think they like the taste of spicy; however, rather than the taste, they may actually like the pleasant feeling in result of the endorphins.
3. Sing It Loud.
I believe everyone has experienced the pleasure when you sing out loud. It feels like you release all the negatives and bad feelings as you sing and fulfill yourself with all the energy and positives. Have you seen people singing in a karaoke bar and feeling so hyper and blessed? Next time when you feel down for whatever reasons, try singing it all out loud in a karaoke bar if you have the guts!
4. Kiss.
Research shows when people kiss, endorphins will be released in their bodies, which makes them feel happy and pleased.
If you do not have a lover, there is not a problem! You can actually just feel being loved to make yourself feel wonderful. Just imagine you are around with your lover or your ideal partner. Imagine all the things you would like to do with him / her and make it feel like real. Sometimes the neurological system cannot tell what is real or what is just out of imagination. It can becomes real to the system as long as you tell the system it is the reality.
Finnly, if you think the lists above is too tedious and too much work. Here comes the easiest!
5. Go through everything you love one after another in your mind.
Keep doing that until you feel so amazing. You can grab a pen and paper and start listing all the things you love. It can be people, colors, places, cars, luxury handbags, shoes, books, music and the list keeps going on. keep listing them and feel appreciate for all the things you have in your life.
Above are just some tricks to keep you stay in the positive whenever you need a lift. In my philosophy, life is supposed to be living wonderfully and happily. Whenever I feel a bit down, I would tell myself that happiness is all I want, simply because I do not have any time to feel unhappy. And then I will try one of the 5 things above.
Hope the above help light up you day! And wish happiness always be with you all!